Driving Our 4WD with a Trainer learning more about 4WDing.


Get a '4WD Experience' learning how it operates off road. This may assist you with purchasing a 4WD, or just giving you a '4WD Experience'. Walk away with a better understanding of a 4WD, its functionalities and capabilities while getting some confidence off road.  This is an hourly 4WD session understanding more about 4WDing using Our Vehicle. Learn more about driving off road.  ֎ Let us get you “Australia” ready


Cost: $150 per hour 
Time: Hourly slots from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  

Days: Saturday or Sunday

Bookings are required.


Contact us below for more information.


M 0409 278 123
E offroadtrainingaustralia@gmail.com 

W offroadtrainingaustralia.com.au


F @offroadtrainingaustralia | I @offroadtrainingaustralia | T @OffRoadTrainers


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